Do I Have a Subluxation?

by / Tuesday, 23 June 2015 / Published in Chiropractic

Subluxation Treatment DenverWhat is a subluxation? When the bony structures of the spine get out of alignment, it can irritate various nerves in your spine and cause many symptoms, including pain, soreness, weakness, and irregularity.

Visiting your Denver chiropractor is the only way to know whether or not a subluxation is the root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. When you come to Governor’s Park Chiropractic, we will be able to give you a thorough physical exam to determine if your spine has subluxations and where they’re located.

Sublaxation Without Symptoms

It’s common for folks to wait until they’re hurting before they seek a solution. With this mindset, people will believe that everything is fine with their health and spine as long as they are in no pain. In reality, you can have subluxations in your spine without having any pain or other symptoms. By going to the chiropractor more regularly, you can find these underlying issues before they become a bigger problem.

To avoid decay of disks and joints, you must treat a subluxation promptly. This problem won’t go away until it is fixed. As it worsens, your spine and muscles won’t be able to move like they’re supposed to. When your spine isn’t moving correctly, it can deprive your disks of nutrients, which causes deterioration.

As deterioration continues, spinal joints will become irritated and inflamed, causing scar tissue to form in the surrounding tissue. For many, this leads to arthritis and bone spurs. Once there is a lot of inflammation, you may begin to have muscle spasms, restrictions and degeneration to your trigger symptoms. This is typically when people finally seek assistance from a chiropractor.

Improve Your Spinal Health

If you suspect that you have a subluxation, or if you want to proactively work toward better health for your spine, you can schedule an appointment with Governor’s Park Chiropractic. Dr. Omid Ferdowsian focuses on overall health and well-being to correct subluxations and end symptoms for patients.

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