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Chiropractor For Capitol Hill DenverGovernor’s Park Chiropractic’s Dr. Omid Ferdowsian is the premier chiropractor for Capitol Hill Denver! Patients looking for the highest quality care come to Governor’s Park Chiropractic for cutting-edge techniques and equipment and holistic solutions that focus on eradicating pain while improving overall health.

Dr. Ferdowsian has the experience and advanced training necessary to provide patients with lasting relief for all types of musculoskeletal maladies:

To find out about care options we offer to people with common types of pain or injury, visit our Denver chiropractic conditions treated section.

High-Quality Treatments Performed by a Highly Skilled Chiropractor

No matter what the source of your pain is – sports activity, auto accident, daily wear and tear — Dr. Ferdowsian will conduct a thorough preliminary analysis of your condition and design a customized treatment plan capable of achieving the best possible results.

Not all patients are the same, which is why our staff conducts a full battery of muscle tests, a gait analysis, a medical history review and more before beginning customized treatment.

Once the ideal treatment plan has been formed, Dr. Ferdowsian is able to use a range of techniques, therapies and high-tech equipment to accommodate your particular needs. This will help you to overcome pain you are currently experiencing and help prevent future problems from occurring.

The available treatment options include:

For more details about these treatments, visit our Denver chiropractic services section.

Governor’s Park Chiropractic patients also benefit from a number of advanced care options that are not offered by many other chiropractors, including spinal decompression, cold laser therapy and more. Dr. Ferdowsian also provides nutritional counseling to enhance treatment and help patients improve their overall wellbeing.

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Whether you’re an injured athlete, chronic pain sufferer or have typical neck and back problems, the solutions offered at Governor’s Park Chiropractic are right for you. You’ll find that Dr. Omid Ferdowsian is the top chiropractor for Capitol Hill Denver.

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