Stages of Care

Not only is every patient unique, but so is each injury. How you respond to your treatment depends on how severe your injury is, how long you waited before seeking care, whether you were coming in for regular chiropractic check-ups, how complicated your health history is, how good your overall health is, and what genes your parents were kind enough to give you. I am able to give you a good estimate after your initial exam, however, sometimes we find out once we begin your treatment plan. I check you at each appointment not only to see what needs to be treated that day, but also to gauge how you are responding to your treatment plan. This way I am able to immediately make needed changes. I have found that all patients go through the same stages during recovery, just at different speeds.


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Stage 1: Relief Care

During the relief care stage, our goal is to eliminate your pain. This often requires frequent visits, or up to three per week. During your visits, I may utilize heat, ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, acupuncture, or massage to help reduce pain and inflammation. I may also recommend natural pain relievers or muscle relaxers. If the pain is severe enough, I am happy to work with your MD or DO to find a stronger short-term pain relief option for you. A majority of the work we do during this stage is focused on getting you out of pain.


Stage 2 – Corrective Care

Now that most, if not all, of your pain is gone, the focus of your treatment will shift to correcting the underlying problem. Your treatment frequency may stay high for a short time, but will rapidly decrease as your condition improves. I may continue to utilize the same therapies as before, but I will begin to incorporate more active therapies to help stretch and strengthen your muscles. This may include exercises in our rehab room during your appointment, take home exercises, and manual traction. Traction does sound medieval, however many patients like this therapy best. Traction helps stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons helping them relax. This stage is the most critical to your recovery. Unfortunately, some patients skip this stage because they believe that pain is the only indicator that they need treatment.


Stage 3 – Wellness Care

Now that your pain is gone and you have recovered from your injured state, our goal is to keep you in good shape and prevent future injuries and pain. Your treatment frequency will be very low. Most patients come in once every 4-6 weeks. If any therapy is done, it will probably be mechanical traction or massage, depending on your needs. This stage is important to maintain your overall health and prevent future injuries and pain.