Your Role In Treatment

I strongly believe in helping you exercise your power to achieve the health and activity that you want.

Not all of my patients run marathons or compete at professional levels. Most of my patients are everyday people that want to be active and pain-free. My role is advisor. You tell me where you want to go and I will help you get there.

During your treatment I will make recommendations. This may include treatment frequency, therapies, home activities that can accelerate your care, such as exercise or stretching, vitamins or supplements that may help you heal, dietary changes, and activities to avoid that may be aggravating your condition, such as poor posture at work. This being said, I realize that we live in the real world and some things cannot be avoided or done. I understand that finances get in the way and sometimes, as humans, we just like doing things that are bad for us. You and I will discuss my recommendations and together we will come up with a realistic treatment plan that will work for you.


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